It is this time of the year when couples all around the world celebrate their special day. Being part of wedding planning and organization can be exciting and at the same time exhausting for both bride and groom.

Each couple has different imagination and dream on how their perfect wedding should look like. Having said that, each couple would want to make it the most memorable day of their lives.

There are many ingredients to the perfect wedding and being a dance studio we would like to focus on the most beautiful, intimate and celebrative part of the wedding – the first dance. It is very common for wedding couples to have their first dance choreographed and practiced in advance. Some of the couples would like to learn few moves, so they do not look silly on the dance floor, others – want to have routines from popular movies or videos that they got inspired by on the social media. Either way, it requires time, good mood and most importantly – team work.

We would like to guide you through the main steps in preparation for your first dance:

  1. Plan it in advance.

Leave enough time to prepare and practice your dance steps. If your wedding is tomorrow, it is highly unlikely that one dance class will change how you and your partner moves and it is better to stick with the initial plan.

Wedding dance preparation can start as early as 3 months before or as late as 1 month before the due date.

  1. Choose the song.

We, as dance choreographers and professionals, can definitely recommend and help to pick the suitable song. However, this song has to be personal and should have meaning for both of you.

The most popular choices for first dances are:

Ed Shereen – Thinking Out Loud

Ed Shereen – Photograph

John Legend- All of me

Jason Mraz – I won’t give up

Christina Perri – A thousand years

Take That – Rule the World

Etta James – At Last

Bryan Adams – Heaven

Elvis Presley – Love me tender

3. Choreography

It is not compulsory to have each step choreographed with music, however, it is advisable. The reason being is that it takes away the stress on thinking what you have to do next. Once you have sets of different figures and steps you simply follow the order of it. By the time dance finishes, you will not even notice where all those steps are gone!

Whether dance requires simple moves or you would like to build a full routine, it is better to have this job done by professionals. It is less stressful and time consuming. Depending upon your desires, all wedding dance classes can be tailored to your availability, intensity and budget.

  1. Team work.

Learning how to move together can be challenging. It takes two to tango, remember? The idea of two people dancing as one individual will only strengthen your relationship and help to know each other more deeply and genuinely.

Consequently, once you start taking dance classes, leave all criticism and negativity about your partner outside. No one is born as a professional dancer, therefore, it is a learning process and the speed of learning will only depend upon how much practice and time you put into it. A lot of times couples critise each other for one or another move and it causes more anxiety and frustration than pleasure. If there is anything wrong with dance moves, your instructor is definitely the one to help you out and make the best wedding dance that it can be.

Trust your partner and enjoy the process!

  1. Final rehearsal.

Comfortable clothes for dance classes are definitely a must. Unfortunately, wedding attire may not necessarily be the most comfortable outfit to wear for your first dance. When approaching the last classes of your wedding dance, bring the actual wedding shoes and dress up similarly to what you would be wearing on a day.

It may change the sensation of how you both move, however, it will also save you from any unpleasant surprises that may occur on the day.

First dance does not have to be stressful! We will make sure that you enjoy the learning process and make it the most beautiful and memorable moment for you and your partner!




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