GEMS Ballroom Dance Lessons in Dubai


The competition was held in Crystal Dance Center studio last March 24, 2017, To recognize the talent of each individual kid, we gave our little dancers the opportunity to showcase their wits in dancing in a positive environment and while still performing under the evaluation of highly qualified judges.

We are proud that Crystal Dance Center has been part of honing their skills and confidence in dancing, We are the first and only official ballroom dance lessons in Dubai providers for all GEMS and non-GEMS schools in Dubai.

We had a lot of participants, but of course, we need to choose the best students, they have been awarded trophies and diplomas, as well as, special prizes for exceptional performance!

It’s been a fantastic day, and we look forward to the next competition.

Our custom Ballroom dance syllabus is the first cohesive lesson plan that makes each moment in your dance journey valuable, because “you don’t start from scratch when learning new dances. That’s Makes it more accessible to dance different styles earlier in your dance journey.


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