“Dance of the heart- Argentine Tango”

“Argentine Tango is deeply relational and social at its very core: it was born from the need to make contact with the other, to communicate emotionally and physically, to improvise together and move in unison within an intimate dialogue.”

In  Argentine Tango, there is always a leader and a follower, roles that traditionally have been assigned to the man and the woman respectively. The leader has to initiate the dance, choreograph the steps, stay alert in the line of dance so as not to run into anyone else, and most importantly, communicate, through his embrace, an invitation to the follower to move with him. It is all in the embrace.

It is an emotion that is danced, and as such it requires that we be open to experiencing it and open to sharing and elaborating it with another. It requires that we be open to the intricacies of an intimate dialogue. Argentine Tango is a dance of the heart as much as of the body. Much like of the stuff that good relationships are made of – it takes two.

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